About Cary McDermott

I am interested in change and how we can reach our full potential: what facilitates it and what blocks it. I want to bring my accumulated knowledge and experience to helping you access your own resources to change your life.

I have been practicing counselling and psychotherapy since 1989. I have over twenty-five years experience working with models of counselling and psychotherapy, training and helping individuals to heal and take back control of their life.

I have trained and work with various models and draw from a wide range including but not limited to transactional analysis, Rogerian, Gestalt, trauma models, systems therapy, emotion focused therapy, emotional/somatic integration therapies, and mindfulness.

I can help you deal with many issues including:

Creativity, Artist Development and Blocks
Grief and Loss
Life Changes & Transitions
Personal Growth, Realising your Potential
Relationship Issues
Self Esteem and Low Self Worth
Workplace Issues & Bullying

I completed a Bachelor in Psychology and Masters in Social Science, and completed a full time Internship in Counselling with the Human Development and Training Institute (HD&T 1988). I was one of only eight selected students per year, at a time before degree programmes in psychotherapy were available. I then trained as a clinical supervisor and continued to train with experts in their fields both in New Zealand and overseas.
I am a full member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors.

Cary McDermott

Cary McDermott