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Book Face-to-Face Counselling with a therapist with over 25 years experience in working with the many different concerns that individuals can present. .

It’s safe, it’s private, it’s confidential and it’s specifically tailored to you. An example of your situation might be:

  • You are finding life difficult of challenging, you have perhaps been thinking about counselling, but are unsure what it can do for you.
  • You may be experiencing high levels of anxiety or depression and find it hard to see a way of interrupting your symptoms or to believe that change is possible.
  • Maybe you are not depressed, but certain situations get you down to an extent that is not debilitating but is concerning and is impacting on your quality of life or your ability to function in certain situations.
  • You may have recently experienced a loss which you are having difficulty coming to terms with.
  • Perhaps you are being bullied at work and want to work with someone experienced in dealing with this issue.
  • Or you might be finding something at work particularly anxiety-provoking.
  • You may be struggling in your relationship.
  • You will also receive:

  • Weekly general exercise for self-reflection followed by a second part to take it further.
  • Access to all Therapist Blogs.
  • To book a Face to Face Counselling session - please fill in the form below or phone or text me during work hours (8am to 6pm) on 021 022 99 570.

    You can also text me and ask me to phone you. Let me know what times would work for you to speak.

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